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Dates for your diary please and read below for full details:

  • “A Christmas Carol” adapted by Patrick Barlow, directed by Steve Clunn – to be staged at Ember Sports Club 7.30pm on Thursday 9th December, Friday 10th and Saturday 11thDecember 2021 (this year!)  – this will be staged as a radio play. 
  • “A Christmas Carol” adapted by Patrick Barlow at the Hepworth Playhouse Walton – week of the 5th December 2022 (next year) to be directed by Steve Clunn 

Dear Ember Members and Friends of Ember 

It was wonderful to see so many of you for the auditions and so great to be back together again and to have the opportunity to be able to meet and greet some new members.  The response was overwhelming and thank you so much for your interest and support. It was equally great to hear the play being brought to life by you all and thank you so much for your enthusiasm and energy.

I have cast the production making,  I believe, the best use of your excellent talents and taking into account what I know of people’s availability during the rehearsal period, going forward.  

I will shortly, set up a What’s App Group so we can all stay in touch more easily.  We will rehearse one night a week for a while and then go to two nights (Monday and Thursday). 

I am really excited for us to be back together, to be able to welcome new people and to put on what I think will be an energetic and fun filled piece of Christmas Entertainment. 

Scrooge Jonathan Clark
Actor 1/Ghost of Christmas PastKathryn Graham
Actor 2/Bob Cratchit/Young ScroogeRichard Lyons
Actor 3/Fredrick (Scrooge’s nephew)/Ghost of Jacob MarleyMarc Anderson
Actor 4/Mrs Lack/Constance (Fredricks wife)Gillian Beaney
Actor 5/Fezziwig/George (Isabella’s husband). Nick Plaut
Actor6/ Ghost of Christmas PresentLisa Mills
Actor7/Scrooges dead motherSherna Trehearne
Actor 8/Isabella (Scrooge’s fiancee), Ghost ofNicky Anderson
Christmas yet to come
Lavina Bentham/Fran (Scrooges sister)/SingerJessica Bowles
GrimesColin Jones
Mrs GrimesAndrea Jones
Voice of little Scrooge/ childrens voices/SFX GhostsElaine Sesemann
Props and puppet operator/Passer By/Katie/Abigail/Ursula
Dresser/Shadows and Voices
Voice of Tiny Tim/Katie and Abigail/children’s voices/Boy in Street/Anne Segall
Props and puppet operator/Shadows and Voices
Singers/shadow voices and other voicesJane Martin
Maria Chatgiergyriou
Nicky Barranger
Jessica Bowles
Other members of the cast who can sing Carols and ghost sounds!TBA during rehearsals
CREW (for the Production)
Steve Clunn
Nick Graham
Colin Hansford 
Bright Hammond
Pat Cooke
Allison Plaut
Diana Jarvis

The Background to Steve & Ember’s quest to stage “A Christmas Carol” … read on….

Steve first tried to direct this wonderful play at the Hepworth Playhouse Walton in December of 2020 and we all know what happened….. We rebooked the production for the Playhouse  for this December (2021). However, with COVID still around and the logistics and potential financial harm we could incur, you can understand that your Committee have decided that it would be best to postpone the play from taking place at the Playhouse.  But, as above, all is not lost!! 

  1. We have booked the Playhouse for the week commencing the 5th December 2022 and Steve will direct “A Christmas Carol” in all its glory at that time.  3rd time lucky in the theatre!
  2. We are delighted that Steve has agreed to go ahead with the play this December,  at the Clubhouse, as a radio event.  People will have their scripts to read, so if COVID should strike (fingers crossed against), then we can swop parts around. If we are locked down, then there are no huge cancellation costs.  This will be a brilliant entertainment and on all 3 nights we will serve Victorian style food in the interval.  There is lots of fun and laughter to be had from this great script. Above all, it will be our return to performance in front of a live audience and who better to do  for than members, friends and family of Ember Sports Club.   Christmas cheer all round.   

For those that don’t know this version of the play; it is a wonderful adaptation with lots of laughter and an ensemble cast.  There’s lots of creativity in the play and it certainly lends itself to a full stage production as much as to a smaller radio version.  We know that Steve will get the most out of this great script and we will have a magical production on our hands.  For those of you that don’t know Steve, he is a long time (some 30 years) director and actor with Ember and has directed such excellent plays for Ember such as:  “What the Butler Saw” “Blood Brothers” “Wind in the Willows” “Our Country’s Good” and “The Lady Killers” to name but a few.  We know that his enthusiasm, innovation and eye for detail will give us a great production that we will all be talking about for Christmases to come.

Your new committee are confident that this will be a great “kickstart” for Ember as we come out of this difficult and challenging episode in all our lives and look to Christmas present and future! 

Finally, you will be pleased to know that your Committee are starting to think about the April production and onwards from there.

All suggestions, thoughts and ideas on what we might do gratefully accepted.