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When shall we meet again? In thunder, lightening or in rain?…”

…Or how about at 8pm on the 27th June at Ember Sports Club, Grove Way, Esher when Galileo himself, our lovely member, Tim Comerford, will be hosting our next script reading and social.

The Play: “Gaslight”

First staged in Richmond Theatre in 1938, “Gaslight” is a tale of deceit, set in fog-bound London of the late 1800s.

Written by Patrick Hamilton, the play defined toxic masculinity and is still poignant in its depiction of abusive relationships, so much so that it coined the term “gaslighting”, which we know is still all too present in society today! The play drives at breakneck pace to deliver a plot-twist laden and powerful piece that ultimately concludes with sweet revenge. Hoorah!

There are 5 main parts: 2M 3F and I’m sure we will enjoy reading it and it will give us pause for thought, too. Sadly, a subject as alive in the 1800s as it is now.

Everyone is guaranteed a warm welcome and do please let us know if you are coming along so we can print the required number of scripts:

The last two play readings have been great fun and very well attended so we look forward to sharing another fun evening together. New recruits very welcome to come along and anyone can read or just watch – no pressure either way!

After reading Gaslight we will be ready to announce our programme for 2024-2025.


Left: Happy group at Ember’s first play reading of the season where we read Murder with Ghosts by Simon Brett. A good time was had by all.

A second great and very well attended evening of ghost stories was also enjoyed in late May at our second play reading of the season, including a fabulous new, adaptation for the stage, of The Signal-Man by Charles Dickens.

Future Productions & Events:

We are also looking ahead to further productions, and with that in mind, if anyone wishes to step forward to direct next year, then please let Anne/the committee know.   Also, suggestions for social events and other events are warmly welcomed – always lovely to hear what you would like us to be doing, going forward.