Amit Seeborut – Actor, A Life of Galileo

Why do you like being part of a drama group?

I I enjoy the comradery and how everyone has enthusiastically welcomed new members. As a new member you come to quickly warm up to everyone and want to learn about everyone personally. Embers feels very much like a family. 

What has been your favourite role to play in your time as an actor?

Hard to choose one. Here is a selection of my most memorable characters:

1- The shoulder in the play Spurt of Blood really gave me the chance to let loose and be Evil in characterisation and gave me the chance to really give the audience a good scare. 

2-  In the play Antione.  I played Tiresias. I embodies authority with wisdom and age. However my version had added physicality moving in ways which were unnatural but gripping. My voice carried power and shock. 

3- My favourite which is a faust which had the same name as the song “baby it’s cold outside” I played the father very jittery person, high energy and Norman wisdom (laurel and Hardy) style of comedy. Loved every second of it.

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