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Everyone has a talent, and we need yours!

Stage Management and Backstage Assistants

Sets need to be built and transported, special effects need to be designed, created and operated, scenery needs to be constructed and manipulated on stage as necessary, actors need to be kept in check. This all falls to the Stage Management team. If you think you would like working as part of a group but still have the opportunity to demonstrate individual flair,  it is certain you would find a niche in the backstage world. Maybe you have an interest in DIY, but fear not as no particular talent or experience is necessary. All these activities are carried out by a friendly team containing many talents so full instruction will always be on hand and freely available.


Do you have an interest in historic costumes, modern fashion, fabrics,  or dressmaking? All or any of these interests can be channeled into costume design and creation. We are always looking for people with dressmaking talents as every Production will include costumes of some description. Very often a Producer will have little or no experience of costumes or be able to visualise what can be achieved and will therefore look for help to people with such skills. Knowing how to make clothes is an enviable talent that should be explored to the full. Again no need to be shy, instruction and advice is always close at hand.

Lighting & Sound

Do you know your capacitor from your diode or your woofer from your tweeter? If you have any working knowledge of electricity, particularly in respect of lighting or sound & music and would like to gain experience in stage work applications, we need you. We have teams of experienced technicians who are always on the look out for new, enthusiastic people wishing to work in these disciplines.

Set Design

Would you like to turn your hand to designing sets ? You will need to be artistically competent with a lively imagination and a desire to be innovative. We have a number of very talented artists who are always delighted to pass on their experience to up and coming designers.

Producers and Production Assistants

Do you enjoy going to the theatre ? Ever thought “It would have been better if they had…”. Well why not have a go at putting your interpretation into producing a play or maybe, in the first instance, assisting an experienced Producer. This is possibly the most important function within any drama group. Every other activity is driven by the Producer. An individual possessing the vision, imagination and enthusiasm to bring a play to life and make things happen the way they see it. We have several very experienced Producers who will be delighted to encourage and bring on new and enthusiastic talent.

Front of House

Every Production needs an audience, (they pay for our fun), and every audience needs to be looked after and cosseted. That’s why we need a team of people to pander to their every whim. We need people to sell tickets, show people to their seats, pour drinks down them at the interval, sell programmes and publicise our activities. Everyone can have a go. These are very important functions. We can’t put on a show without this back-up.


Sets and costumes may be very beautiful in their own right but many productions need stage properties to add reality or effect. Again imagination is all. The art is to visualise the play and then put this visualisation to work through the scouring of likely sources, (charity shops, theatrical outlets, friends, family and local shops). This is fun so why not give it a go.

Actors and Actresses

And last but not least a variety of roles for all ages – from principals, support, walk-ons and the occasional dead body!  Talents such as tap, singing and accents are always welcome, but mostly a good voice and a willingness to have a go and follow directions.

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