Anne Segall – Actor/Director

Why do you like being part of a drama group?

The comradery,  warmth, friendship and sense of community; all pulling together to create something together and the fun we have as we create.  I love the sense of team and the fact that the output (hopefully!) will give pleasure to the audience and perhaps, leave them with something to think about too.

What has been your favourite role to play in your time as an actor?

I love directing and seeing the vision I have started with being developed and enhanced and improved by others as we rehearse & the cast and crew all put their own individual and collective input into the mix.  However, I am not averse to performing, either!!!  I loved being Mole in Wind in the Willows because of the joy you could see on the children’s faces as they watched, also Baby Bear in Goldilocks and the 3 Bears for the same reason.  The most fun was as one of the women working in the fish packing factory in Ladies Day.  I loved that part, the play and the fun we had with it.

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