David Lock – Actor, A Life of Galileo

Why do you like being part of a drama group?

It’s just a great thing to produce something special through teamwork with a sociable group of people, including new members who you get to know gradually through the rehearsals. Apart from being good fun, the rehearsals are a good way of ‘switching off’ from work or other worries during the week. I sometimes use the performance as a way of catching up with old friends – who are invited to the production!

Sometimes I think I won’t have time to be in a play with all the rehearsals and the commitment- but strangely my spare time seems to magically expand just enough to make it possible, and I like that. Also, the time spent at rehearsals is often invigorating rather than a drain – perhaps it’s the adrenaline or endorphins?!

What has been your favourite role to play in your time as an actor?

I think my current role (as Ludovico) has been my favorite so far. I have been in numerous plays over many years – but normally I am cast as something like the messenger or some other (crucial) but generally small-ish part in the background/chorus etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I’ve always enjoyed these smaller parts, however, the role I have in this play as Ludovico involves me being on stage for several pages (!) – and the acting challenge of getting annoyed with Galileo.

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