Elaine Sesemann – Actor, A Life of Galileo

What Character(s) are you playing?

I am playing various small parts – the Cardinal’s secretary, a lady of the Court, an iron merchant and a nun. I am also responsible for the Box Office.

Why did you want to be in A Life of Galileo?

I wanted to be in Galileo as it’s a fascinating story with an excellent director.

Why do you like being part of a drama group?

I love the process and teamwork of starting with the script and being part of the magic happening to create a gripping story for our audiences.

What has been your favourite role to play in your time as an actor?

I think my favourite role was a scientist who ended up becoming the Prime Minister in ‘Going Green’.

Why should people come and see A Life of Galileo?

They should come to see it because it is a fascinating story which will be told in an imaginative, fast paced, energetic way under Anne’s direction. It is also funny and very entertaining.

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